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Hang around Faith Filled Women for just a little while and you'll soon see we are about much more than just our events.  We are all about helping women find the resources they need to connect with others and with God and to grow into the women God designed them to be!  Click the following links to check out our resources and contact us if you need further assistance!

Over the years, Faith Filled Women has deveolped a collection of Bible study DVDs that that we loan out for free to churches and women’s groups. Click the link above to browse our lending library.

We are singers and musicians from six different church families around the Salisbury area. We formed in 2012 to provide the praise music for the first Faith Filled Women conference and we have been making sweet music together ever since.

Since we began in 2011, Faith Filled Woman has worked with dozens of local and national speakers.  We would be happy to help you find the perfect speaker for your event.  

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