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God Loves Our Worship

     From our first conference in 2012, we strove to assemble a unique team of singers and musicians from a variety of denominational backgrounds who reflected the diversity of our audience. The result was nothing short of miraculous, and those relationships have flourished through the years. God brought together our individual sounds and gave the audience a sneak peek at what Heaven will sound like when all tongues and tribes join in worship. 


(The team may be available to provide worship for your special event.)

Our 2022-2023 G.L.O.W. Team

Pete Bozick-musical director, electric

Barbara Bryant -co-leader, vocals

Jamila Johnson-vocals

Kip Klingel-Leitner-drums

Caroline Layfield-bass

Joy Miller-acoustic guitar, vocals

Dionne Ray-vocals

Geri Smith-keys

Melany Trenary-co-leader, vocals

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