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2022 Breakout Proposal and Info


Our lives feel like they are moving faster and faster. We rush from one thing to the next, checking things off a to-do list while we multi-task on our phones. But what affect does this have on our lives and our Kingdom impact? The essential question of our 2022 conference is how do we "Simply Celebrate" our lives to make them more healthy, more meaningful, more joyful, and more honoring to God  has while celebrating all the blessings has given us? We are looking for breakout speakers who can add to the discussion of this topic of in fresh, practical ways.


Selected speakers will receive a complimentary ticket to our conference (lunch included) and a table to sell any books or materials they have authored in our vendor area.  We are able to supply A/V equipment for breakouts, and basic black/white printing for brief handouts if needed. If you would like to invite friends or helpers to attend the conference with you, we will offer our best discounted rate of $45 per person for up to three of your guests.


When preparing your proposal, please keep in mind that…


1.  We are looking for proposals that have a clear connection to our theme.


2.  Proposals should indicate how their topic relates to our faith.  For example, a session on health should focus on being a good steward of our bodies that are a gift from God rather than looking good in a smaller size.


3.  Our audience is very diverse.  Women who attend our conference are at many different ages, stages of life, and denominational backgrounds. This means that:


  • Topics must be suitable for a broad audience rather than a narrow one like young moms, divorcées, grandmothers, etc.


  • Specific denominational practices such as laying on of hands, anointing, etc. are discouraged in order to welcome women of all denominational backgrounds.


  • Our women are at all stages of their faith journey; from new believers to seasoned disciples.


4.  We look for breakouts that have tangible application for our attendees.  While it can be very inspirational to share a testimony, we want our breakouts to take it a step further and give women practical steps to implementing what they learn into their lives. 


5.  Breakout sessions are approximately 45 minutes long and you would present your breakout two times, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Average breakout size is 100 women.

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2021 Breakout Application Form

Please complete the following information and include a link to a short (less than 5 minute) video telling us a little bit about yourself, your proposed topic and how women who attend your breakout session will be able to apply this information to their own lives. The video doesn't have to be fancy; filming with your cell phone is fine. Post the video to YouTube or other video platform, then post the URL in the space below. We are looking forward to seeing what you have to share!  The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2021. 

Thanks for your proposal!

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